More rails, tranny, ledges and stairs than you can handle.

Street, Flow and Pool

to challenge all.

40,000 sq ft of

of world-class concrete.


Welcome To

Kennesaw Skatepark


Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re Kennesaw Skatepark, Georgia’s new, 40,000 square foot skateboarding nirvana designed by Street League founder Rob Dyrdek and SITE Design Group, then built by California Skateparks. And in case you haven’t heard by now, this park’s the real deal. How so? It’s a completely authentic Street League Pro-Style facility with the very same ramps, obstacles and rails that the pros ride in major competitions. And that’s just for starters, my friends. Kennesaw Skatepark’s massive amount of skate-able surface also features a huge, ten-foot pool and an epic flow bowl. We realize it’s a lot of concrete to cover. But that’s exactly the way a world-class skateboarding park should be. Agreed? So go grab your board and a big helping of courage. Kennesaw Skatepark’s open. And it’s expecting you.

  • Street League

    Street League and Kennesaw Skatepark

    We’re proud to be first and only Street
    League Certified Skate Plaza east of Denver, Colorado. As close as you can get to a real Street League-style skate without being on the tour. more

  • Latest Videos

    Kennesaw Skatepark latest videos

    Video from our most recent events, sick shots from the KSK8 street plaza, the pool, the flow bowl, Street League, skaters showing how they do it… and several thousand local sk8 fanatics.

  • Latest Photos

    Kennesaw Skatepark latest photos

    Images from events, pros at KSK8 like Sheckler, Pudwell, local heroes, demos, and everyday hi-jinx. If you have good shots from the park, send FB, Instagram links to us more