Park Tour

Park Tour Map

  • Our Street

    If you want to know what our street course is like, we’ve got three words for you. Street League Certified. There’s really not much else we need to say. You get the picture. It has the rails. It has the stairs, kickers, hubbas and gap. It has every little nuance that makes it street league legit. Don’t take our word for it. Take it from SLS founder, Rob Dyrdek. He himself has given a thumbs up and Street League’s seal of approval.

  • Our Pool

    California Skateparks with skate legend, Lance Mountain, built this unique gem of a bowl. Imagine a killer backyard pool that’s five and a half feet deep in the shallow end and over ten feet down in the deep end with over a foot of vert. Imagine elliptical transitions that make the bowl faster and more challenging. Now, envision backyard features like “Golden State” pool block coping, stairs in shallow end and no flat bottom. You’re probably picturing the perfect bowl. Come see for yourself.

  • Our Flow Bowl

    When you’re skating a world-class facility, just any flow course won’t do. You want a bowl that starts at a depth of four and a half feet, with “waterfalls” to a six-foot depth and then to nine with eight-foot transitions and a foot of vert. You want an area that has an oververt pocket with a one foot extension and a –roll-in on the hip. And all this adds up to boat loads of fun, fast lines. Good times.